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How do I start a successful online fitness business?

We are not going to start online. Yes, it's probably not what you expected us to say, but if you follow our steps, you'll have an online fitness business and paying clients within the next 5 days...and that's a promise. There's so much nonsense spoken about how to start a successful online fitness business, telling you to join Insta, or TikTok etc. Yeah, you can do that and still be thrashing around like a fish out of water...or you can do what our clients do.

Edward Addison asked, How do I start a successful online fitness business?

He's our client, and this is how he went from... 0 to 30 clients in 1 month 30 to 100 clients in 2 months 100 to 200 clients in 2 months

In the first month, he just went out speaking to friends and family, asking if they want to join his weight loss program, and he also asked if they knew if they had any friends. THEN IT ALL WENT TO SHIT It went "tits up" as we say in England because he then switched everything to online. He found clients, he lost clients. Between, October and May his business didn't grow.

We gave him a kick in the arse. Sometimes you've gotta. "Edward, you serve your group like a high school teacher, you give them no love, and you give them the minimum possible, what the F@@K are you doing?"

We went back to basics and started to create a successful online business.

He had to pour in the love without overwhelming people. And from that the referrals and recommendations came flooding in. From March 1st to May 1st he grew his business from 30 to 100, and then in July he hit 200. He did that without Insta, without Tiktok. Facebook was used to celebrate client success, but that was it. Nothing else.

So when you are asking the question, How do I start a successful online fitness business?

You can go online and market your business there, it is possible but it's going to take a lof time, some great social media skills and its better to market your business online when you have a following. Through your friends, relatives, and colleagues, their introductions, local partnerships, giving talks, celebrating the success of your clients on your Facebook personal page and delivering a great service you can grow your business at 10 people a week no problem. When you get to 100 or 200 people, that's when you start publishing content on social media and ask your clients to comment and share. Now you have an army of avid fans. They love you, and they want to see you succeed.

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