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How to become an online personal trainer.

Being a personal trainer is such an exciting thing to do, but just how do you answer the question "how to become an online personal trainer?" It's not as tricky as you might feel it is, but there is a huge trap everyone falls in and it sets you back months and months. That trap is social media, when people want to become a personal trainer online, every man and their dog will tell you to go online. It seems the sensible choice, but it's also the longest choice.

How to become an online personal trainer

You will be encouraged to use a whole range of social media platforms, and you'll hear how people have so many followers or have been able to find clients. But how long did it take them, and is it just a question of posting content or do you need razor sharp social media skills?

And let's face it, there are millions of people on social media all sharing the same content as you. So unless you have some incredible social media skills, the experience to back it up and you don't mind waiting for 12 months or's perhaps best you try a different way.

Can you make good money as an online personal trainer?

Yes, you can! And I'll show you briefly how to do it. There's no reason why you can't $250,000 a year. Seems like a crazy sum, but if you apply AMRAP to your business, you can by using this model.

  1. Have a niche, let's say weight loss

  2. Offer 2 online classes a day, Monday to Friday

  3. Throw in amazing support throughout the day

  4. Really get to know your audience, their past, where they are today and their future.

  5. Ask for $100 a month

  6. Start by asking your friends, family, and colleagues.

  7. Ask who they know.

  8. Partner with local businesses

  9. Give local demonstrations and talks

Where else can they get value like that? Let's say you build your business to 200 people over the next 12 months, that's your $250,000 a year. It just takes gumption, guidance and you need to put your blinkers on as everyone will tell you it's impossible, but those people will forever be stuck earning $30,000 a year and losing their evenings and weekends.

It's how to sell personal online training...

It's really not too hard. 1. Understand their journey

2. Get introduced to people 3. Aim for 10 introductions a week

4. Ask about their past journey, where they are right now and their goals 5. Show them the features of your business that supports their journey 6. Ask if they want to give your online group a go.

It's how to sell personal online training

It's all about being personable and flexible.

Some readers of this article might say 'this is not personal training" well the client wants results, that's what they are after.

You can stand there and count reps if you want, or you can build a cool community of people that pays you a great income.

Clients may think they want personal training, but what they really want is to be in shape in the way they define it.

Let's show them you are the safest, fastest and most fun solution for them to reach their fitness goals. If you want to know how long it takes to become a personal trainer, you can use this link.

Do you need a coach?

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